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PoolEdge System – The Top Concrete Solution for Seamless Pool Surrounds

Are you looking for a concrete solution that will help you avoid bullnose capping and ugly segmented pavers for your pool? Regardless the shape and type of pool you have, we can use the PoolEdge system to enhance the look of your pool, making it look like a million-dollar image taken out from top-class home and lifestyle magazines without the hefty price tag.

What is the PoolEdge System?

This is a proprietary pool surrounds moulding system that delivers a sleek and seamless concrete look for your pool. Whether you are using a fibreglass or concrete pool, we can use the PoolEdge system to create wrap-around pool surrounds that go around the entire circumference of your pool without the need to use a bullnose header around the pool edges. You will achieve a flowing architectural look that complements with the colours of your water and your pool.

Features of the PoolEdge System

• Patented pool surrounds system
• Aesthetically appealing one-piece look
• No unsightly gaps
• Enhanced safety with non-slip surface
• No subsidence
• Eliminate ants and weeds
• Little to no maintenance needed
• Comes in a variety of colours and decorative styles
• Available as Honed Concrete or Exposed Aggregate
• Manufactured from scratch to suit client’s unique needs

Ready to Experience the PoolEdge System?

If you are interested to know how our PoolEdge system can benefit you, give us a call at 0407 089 722 or email us at info@undercutwa.com.au We will be more than happy to evaluate your specific property needs and provide the best quote for our PoolEdge system.