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This is where no stone or aggregate is desired and minimal grinding is needed. The polishing process can begin almost immediately. If the concrete surface is not flat, additional grinding may be required and this may result in exposure in stone and aggregate. To obtain optimal results for newly poured concrete, please refer to the concrete procedures document on the information page.


Random exposure is where the stone / aggregate is inconsistent. Some areas of the concrete have more exposure than others. This finish is very popular as it has a lot of character and no two floors are the same.


Warehouse finish is the look that applies to slabs that are not new and have had damage. For example, cracks chips, stains and other imperfections that may have occurred over the years. These concrete areas can be repaired and polished resulting in a rustic, earthy look. Areas like this will require grinding and will expose some level of stone / aggregate. This type of finish is very popular in retail stores, cafes and older homes and can be polished to a matt, semi-gloss or gloss finish.


Full exposure is where the maximum possible exposure of stone / aggregate is desired. This requires extensive grinding and is more suitable for new builds where the concrete slab has been specifically poured to be polished and the contracted concreter is experienced in laying polished slabs. UnderCut can recommend professional contractors. The full range of polished concrete mixes that are available from manufacturers in Perth can be accessed from the information page.


If you like the look of polished concrete but require a non-slip surface for external use, then honed concrete is the perfect choice for you. It is a child friendly, high quality product with maximum appeal that requires minimal maintenance. Exposed concrete is honed to create a semi-polished finish that is stylish and durable and is available in a wide range of mixes and colours. Honed concrete is suitable for all ears including driveways, paths, pool surroundings, alfrescos and interior floors

Click on the information page to see the latest exposed, honed and polished colour concrete range for Perth.

If you are unsure of the type of finish that is most suitable for your concrete, please organise a site inspection by calling Sean on 0407 089 722.